Welcome to the newest, most diverse, controversial news and information site on the internet, where open comments and debates are encouraged.  Most news sites are biased one way or another, particularly in politics.  People are either left or right, conservative or liberals, Trump or anti Trump.  If you go on a site that the majority leans either way, you can’t get in a civil comment without getting attacked.  There’s no such thing as an honest debate with just the facts.  It’s vicious attacks on the left or the right and the individuals aligned with each.   This news site has been created those that just want to discuss, debate and argue the facts.

A little about the editor. I’m totally independent and have been all my life.  The fact that I told friends that Donald Trump should run for President back in 2012 has nothing to do with my political affiliation.  The fact that I think Melania is gorgeous and Michelle barks at the moon at night has nothing to do with it.  The fact that I think Pelosi and Maxine Waters came out of a Warthog’s womb doesn’t mean I’m anti liberal. I was proud of Bill Clinton for having the balls to hit on an intern in the Oval Office.  JFK was doing Marilyn Monroe? Awesome! Trump was allegedly doing the stripper Stormy Daniels!  Disgusting, she’s a pig!

I’m not prejudiced against any political affiliation and I really think there could be some decent Democrats out there and maybe someday I’ll find one.   I’m not prejudiced against anyone no matter what race or color. I’ve had 4 wives and none of them match!

Enough about me.  We’re inviting everyone, liberal, conservative and those in between to sign up for notifications when we send out a “Breaking News” story. Some will be written by us and some will be hijacked from other sites so we can get them out fast.  We’re open for comments, criticism and anything else you can throw at us.  Say what you want but keep it nonviolent, not racist and non-threatening.  Otherwise, lets go at it.  Most of all, try to be honest with yourself and others. What’s right or wrong has nothing to do with party affiliation, it’s about the truth and facts.

Please register. You’ll be hearing from us soon.

Howard R. Baer, Editor
HRBaerMedia, LLC

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