Pandemic or Planned Pandemonium?


Why are we shutting down our country and destroying our future?  It’s another flu season that happens every year, but this one has been taken hold of by utterly ridiculous paranoia.

The CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza. NOTHING WAS SHUT DOWN, NO BUSINESSES, NO RESTAURANTS, NOTHING.  In the US as of this writing, 32,000 cases, 400 deaths from the Coronavirus.  Twelve days ago the US coronavirus mortality rate was 4.06. Today the mortality rate is down to 1.29 and dropping daily.

NEW YORK HAS THE MOST CASES, 16,877. NY is an international hub for travelers so one would expect the virus was carried in early on. No big surprise.

CALIFORNIA has 1,828 TOTAL CASES. Forty million, that’s 40,000,000 residents and has basically shut down the State. Newsom is close to declaring martial law! FOR WHAT!  At the time of this writing, .0000457% have the flu?  How do you justify closing anything?


Even with the high amount of case and mortality rate in 2018, nothing was closed, it was not an emergency or a pandemic, it was the flu season. Yes, the coronavirus is a worse flu due to the fact that’s in a new one and we don’t have vaccine to reduce its effect. Is that a reason to shut down and destroy the entire country? You read on and decide.

Government and the media have frightened people into heading directly to the hospital when they get a sore throat, a cough, or a temperature. NY claims that only 1 in 10 people that go to the hospital are shown to have Coronavirus. In past years most people did not go to the hospital or even call their doctors for the flu. Most everyone stayed home and let it pass. Today many are heading the hospital for no good reason other than they are paranoid that they’re going to die, all instilled upon them by the news they see on TV and the internet.

The data from South Korea, where tracking the coronavirus has been by far the best to date, indicate that as much as 99 percent of active cases in the general population are “mild” and do not require specific medical treatment. The small percentage of cases that do require such services are highly concentrated among those age 60 and older, and further so the older people are. Other things being equal, those over age 70 appear at three times the mortality risk as those age 60 to 69, and those over age 80 at nearly twice the mortality risk of those age 70 to 79. What that all means is seniors should stay home as much as possible but why the rest of the population?

Most everyone that goes to a restaurant goes with family or friends. They’re with their family and friends before they go to the restaurant and will be with them after they leave the restaurant. They’re together, not separated, so what am I missing?  Is this a reason to close, so that people won’t be near each other?  If those people are going to give it to each other, they’re going to give it to each other anyway. The restaurants are open for takeout, so the chefs are working.  If everyone wants to be ultra-careful, they can space the tables in the restaurant further apart than normal. The wait staff could wear masks and plastic gloves to make everybody feel better. They can have handwipes at each table and at the door. But there certainly isn’t any reason to close them down and take all the jobs away from the industry. Many restaurants will go bankrupt because of this no matter what the government does for them. People are not working and can’t earn a living because of this foolishness.

How is it that supermarkets are open but other businesses can’t be? Small shops could stay open as most are never crowded anyway. Again, handwipes at the door and continuous counter cleaning inside. Companies can stay open and their employees could just be a little more careful. Don’t have them sitting in the same cubicle together if they’re in that environment.

Were businesses, restaurants or schools closed in 2018?? Was it a national emergency and were people told to stay in the house? Neither! It was a bad flu season but that was it. Admittedly, this flu is in its early stages, there will be a lot more tests and these numbers are certainly going to increase, but are they going to be that much different than the other flu seasons we’ve had?  Some people that get this flu have a bad reaction, particularly elderly. I agree these people should lock themselves down and stay out of public places until the season is gone. Others have very mild reaction, similar to a bad cold or maybe an uncomfortable flu-like feeling, which goes away in a few days.

Closing restaurants and businesses, paying out trillions is absurd and unnecessary.

Why are we calling it an international pandemic? Why have we shut our restaurants, businesses, and told people not to go out. People get the flu every year and this shouldn’t be any different. Yes, it spreads fast, but so do all the other flu’s. There will be deaths and serious cases as there are every year.

President Trump has the guts to stand up to anything and do it the way he feels is right. I don’t believe for one minute that he feels shutting down all the businesses in the entire country is right I don’t believe for one minute he honestly believes giving trillions of dollars away to have people sitting at home is the right thing to do. I do believe he’s being pressured into all of this. I hope and pray he wakes up very quickly, realizes what’s going on, and reverses all of this immediately. The flu is going to go away and come back again later.  This country will never come back for the devastation of millions out of work and millions of businesses closing for good.

I welcome your comments!

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