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How major US stock indexes fared Thursday, 2/22/2024

Nvidia’s stock price surged after delivering another blowout quarter, setting off a rally in other technology companies that carried Wall Street to another record high.

The chipmaker, a central player in the boom surrounding artificial intelligence technology, reported scorching demand for its semiconductors.

The S&P 500 rose 2.1% Thursday to another all-time high. The Nasdaq added 3%. The Dow, which has a smaller weighting in tech stocks, rose 1.2%, marking its first close above 39,000. Nvidia’s stock price rose more than 16%, leading gains among tech companies.

On Thursday:

The S&P 500 rose 105.23 points, or 2.1%, to 5,087.03.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 456.87 points, or 1.2%, to 39,069.11

The Nasdaq composite rose 460.75 points, or 3%, to 16,041.62

The Russell 2000 index of smaller companies rose 19.09 points, or 1%, to 2,013.84.

For the week:

The S&P 500 is up 81.46 points, or 1.6%.

The Dow is up 441.12 points, or 1.1%.

The Nasdaq is up 265.97 points, or 1.7%.

The Russell 2000 is down 18.91 points, or 0.9%.

For the year:

The S&P 500 is up 317.20 points, or 6.7%.

The Dow is up 1,379.57 points, or 3.7%.

The Nasdaq is up 1,030.27 points, or 6.9%.

The Russell 2000 is down 13.24 points, or 0.7%.

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