Gunmen abduct migrants staying at hotel in central Mexico


About 20 suspected migrants have been abducted from a hotel in central Mexico

The San Luis Potosi state prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the victims were believed to be Haitian and Venezuelan migrants who were staying at the hotel in Matehuala.

Before dawn Tuesday, three SUVs carrying armed men arrived at the Hotel Sol y Luna and abducted the guests, prosecutors said. Authorities were still trying to confirm the exact number of people taken, but the identification documents of some were found inside rooms.

The abductors apparently also took the hotel’s log of its guests.

Costlier migrant smuggling operations often put up their clients in small hotels as they move them north. Organized crime gangs traditionally charge a tax for each migrant moved through their territory. If that tax is not paid or a rival smuggling group sees an opportunity, such abductions can occur.

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