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U.S. stock futures are higher ahead of Wednesday’s Fed meeting

Stock futures were higher in early morning trading after the major indexes rallied ahead of Wednesday's Federal Reserve meeting.

Fears of a Fed mistake grow as this week’s anticipated interest rate hike looms

The Federal Reserve is tasked with slowing the U.S. economy enough to control inflation but not so much that it tips into recession.

3 takeaways from Dollar General, Dollar Tree earnings that sent stocks soaring

Dollar Tree and Dollar General boosted their outlook for the year, noting that shoppers squeezed by inflation will seek cheaper prices.

Flag football at the Olympics might be the key to the NFL’s overseas business...

The NFL says it has a plan to grow its international business to $1 billion annually, and it involves the Olympics.

EU struggles to reach an agreement on Russian oil embargo as Hungary holds firm

The talks are largely held up by Hungary, a major user of Russian oil and whose leader Viktor Orban is on friendly terms with...

We’re trimming our position in this biotech and adding to our stake in a...

We want to use the recent strength in shares of AbbVie to book some profits, and add to Danaher to reduce our cost basis.

Bitcoin drops below $35,000 over the weekend, extending Friday’s losses

Bitcoin declined to $34,661.02 on Sunday, according to Coin Metrics, following a major stock sell-off in the U.S. last week.

Why Meta drop on Sandberg’s exit is a good chance to snap up shares

While we will miss the leadership of Sandberg — the company's COO and No. 2 to CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg — it doesn't...

Behind the automation boom coming to the hotel industry, from 24-hour check-in to texting...

For years, hotel operators have under invested in technology, but persistant labor challenges are forcing a reckoning in the industry.

Bitcoin falls below $40,000 for the first time in almost a month as investors...

The price of bitcoin was lower on Monday as investors assessed the risks of rising rates and the potential for more tightening by the...