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David Valadao, a Republican Who Voted to Impeach Trump, Wins Re-election

His victory, which came after nearly two weeks of vote-counting, made the congressman one of just two House Republicans who supported impeaching the former...

Does Fusion Voting Offer Americans a Way Out of the Partisan Morass?

A new push by nonprofit groups hopes to revive the practice in New Jersey and possibly elsewhere across the country.

‘No Fowl Play’: Biden Pardons a Pair of Thanksgiving Turkeys

The only “red wave” this holiday season, President Biden said, would be if his German shepherd “knocks over the cranberry sauce.”

John Roberts’s Early Supreme Court Agenda: A Study in Disappointment

Soon after he joined the court, the chief justice said he would seek to protect its credibility by encouraging narrow, unanimous rulings. That project...

In New Special Counsel, a Prosecutor Schooled in Corruption Cases

A veteran public corruption and war-crimes prosecutor, Jack Smith will take over two Trump-related criminal investigations.

A Crowd of Possible Trump Rivals Renews G.O.P. Fears of a Divided Field

Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley and other Republicans with a potential eye on 2024 gathered in Las Vegas at a moment...

Trump Family’s Newest Partners: Middle Eastern Governments

The government of Oman is a partner in a real estate deal signed last week by the former president, intensifying questions about a potential...

Democratic Senate Loss in Ohio Raises Bar for Sherrod Brown in 2024

Tim Ryan’s loss to J. D. Vance is another reminder that Ohio is no longer a swing state. Can Mr. Brown, the Democratic incumbent,...

Georgia Senate Rivals, With Little Time to Spare, Sprint Toward Runoff

Herschel Walker and Senator Raphael Warnock have only a few weeks to campaign, and Senate control is no longer at stake — which has...

Kari Lake Claims Her Voters Were Disenfranchised. Her Voters Tell a Different Story.

Ms. Lake’s supporters say in testimonials that they had problems at Phoenix-area polling sites. But a review by The New York Times shows that...